Another Anime Convention 2016 Schedule of Events

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Please note the following color key, which indicates the event's age-appropriateness:

  • All Ages
  • 13+ Events
  • 16+ Events
  • 18+ Events (Strictly Enforced)
  • 21+ Events (Strictly Enforced)
  • Closed to Attendees

Some rooms, including the Manga Library, Parent Lounge, Video Game Rooms, and Concessions are not listed on this schedule. For the most part, these rooms are either open all day or stick to a very narrow schedule.

Salon D is our primary Arts & Crafts room. The schedule will be updated for that room closer to the convention.

This schedule is dynamic, and constatly being udpated by our staff. Always make sure to check this page for the latest schedule.


Scheduled TimeMain StageSalon ASalon BSalon CSalon DHawthorneDartmouthFrostCurriersWebsterExpo RearExpo FrontHale
Friday 08:30 AMMain Stage Setup - Room Closed Salon A Setup - Room Closed AMVs By Request
Friday 09:00 AM
Friday 09:30 AM
Friday 10:00 AM Super Action AMV Time - GO!!!
Friday 10:30 AM
Friday 11:00 AM These AMV Love to ROCK!
Friday 11:30 AM
Friday 12:00 PMConvention the Gathering Self Defense AMV - Danger Zone
Friday 12:30 PM
Friday 01:00 PMAnother Anime Con Jeopardy 2016 Crazy Lil' Thing Called Love
Friday 01:30 PM idol bootcamp
Friday 02:00 PMOpening Ceremonies How to Prepare for the Con Happy Fun Shine Friday Vendor Room Hours Hall Cosplay
Friday 02:30 PM Cosplay Fitness for Life! Queer Kids Show: Why They Matter
Friday 03:00 PMWho Wants to be a Millionaire? Anime Style! What is Steampunk? Fan Parody Panic Autographs 1
Friday 03:30 PM Cosplay is Acting: The Body Universal Famicom No Translation Required Comic Book Movies: Japan
Friday 04:00 PMTatum's Solo Family friendly panel Cosplay Lip Sync Battle Welcome to improv. Making Music with an NES and Gameboy AAC Masquerade HQ and Craftsmanship judging
Friday 04:30 PM How Fast Can You Guess This Song Women of Japan Cosplay 101!
Friday 05:00 PMWin, Lose, or Draw: AAC 2016 Edition Crack and Slash! The Crazy Fanfiction Game Deal or No Deal: AAC Edition
Friday 05:30 PM CONsulting Detective How to Start a YouTube Channel The First Anime
Friday 06:00 PM Anime Pass the Yen Game Show! Asian Brush Painting Casino Royale Masquerade Ball Pokéverse Autographs 2
Friday 06:30 PM Volleyball Shenanigans Gargoyles: Reinventing Myth for Modern Times
Friday 07:00 PMAMV Screening How Anime dubbing has changed. Speed Dating 4.0: You Are (Not) Single Friday Fan Parodies
Friday 07:30 PM Yokai Girls Gone Wild creature costuming 101 Putting the book in comic book: Superheroes in novel format
Friday 08:00 PM Fear of Monsters: Return of the spoops Steampunk Craft Make and Take
Friday 08:30 PM Nerdfit's Weeabo Safari JoJo's Bizarre Quiz Show Reading Ranch Live! Team Four Star's Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
Friday 09:00 PMTrivia Strike Ask-A-Nation Autographs 3
Friday 09:30 PM Everything Is A Magical Girl UNITE! Friday Night Karaoke Yaoi for Hipsters
Friday 10:00 PM18+ Dating Game Harvelle's Roadhouse Pub Quiz Let's Write An Anime Miniature Pick and Paint Booty Camp Four Letter Words
Friday 10:30 PMIntro to Josei Cupcake Party: A My Little Pony Grimdark Discussion
Friday 11:00 PMWhose Anime Is It Anyways?!?: 18+ Edition Beach Episode: Vice Giggles 'n Jiggles
Friday 11:30 PMWTF 101 18+ Cards Against Humanity: AAC Staff Afterdark Edition Late Night Haikyuu!! Nerdfit: Boss Battles XVII: Night of the Living Shrek
Saturday 12:00 AM The Misadventures of Skooks & Others Oddities
Saturday 12:30 AM


Scheduled TimeMain StageSalon ASalon BSalon CSalon DHawthorneDartmouthFrostCurriersWebsterExpo RearExpo FrontHale
Saturday 08:00 AM
Saturday 08:30 AM AMV Contest Overflow (Part 1)
Saturday 09:00 AMMasquerade tech rehearsal Swap Meet / Yard Sale SaturdayVendor Room Hours
Saturday 09:30 AM
Saturday 10:00 AMAnime Dating Game Balloon Twisting Workshop Glenntai & Kentai's Tea Tai~m Saturday Morning Cartoons
Saturday 10:30 AM
Saturday 11:00 AMWhose Anime Is It Anyways?!? In-Character Competition AMV Contest 2nd Showing
Saturday 11:30 AM My Waifu's Not Weird His Butler, Goes to Con Beyblade 101
Saturday 12:00 PM Anime Password Resident Evil: Lost in Translations Tales of Tales! Con Prep 101 Photo Session with Guests of Honor
Saturday 12:30 PM Anime and Japan: A History Lesson Wonder Women, Super girls, and Villainous Vixens: A history of women in American Superhero comics. Japanese Language Basics Youth Double Dare!
Saturday 01:00 PMDeath Match Start your con with a YANG! A RWBY Q&A panel The writing life AMV Combat: Tournament Edition 3rd Strike Autographs 4
Saturday 01:30 PM HetaMonologues Singing and Recording
Saturday 02:00 PMAdaptive Writing Panel So You Want to Write an Audio Drama Podcast? Youth Miniature Pick and Paint Gravity Falls Truth or Dare Autographs 5
Saturday 02:30 PM Con Photography 101 Pokemon religion The Road to Becoming a Magical Girl
Saturday 03:00 PMPress Your Luck Making the Cartoons Talk w/ Matthew Mercer How to Frankenstein a Pattern for Cosplay Coming Attractions
Saturday 03:30 PMNewlyweds Cosplay Game How I created the Graphic Novel Manga Man Cosplay is Acting: Theatre Techniques to Level up Your Cosplay! Shatterd Skies: An Ace Combat Panel
Saturday 04:00 PMAnime Match Game: 18+ Edition Project Cosplay Danganronpa: Ask the Future Foundation Your Yearly Dose of WTF: 5th Anniversary Edition Autographs 6
Saturday 04:30 PM Tricks and Treats with Seraph of the End Mecha Mythology: Sacred Symbols & Giant Robots Dance Off: Junior Edition
Saturday 05:00 PM Guests of Honor Q&A So you want to order from Japan, do you? 2016 Cosplay Presidential Debate Live-Action Music Videos
Saturday 05:30 PM The Electric Myth: The evolution of Creepypasta All The Feels
Saturday 06:00 PM Youth Carnival Extravaganza! Super Smash Brothers Tournament Parasol Painting Parasol Painting
Saturday 06:30 PM Nerdfit: Jav Plays Darks Souls 3 For An Hour AMV Salad: Just Desserts
Saturday 07:00 PMAAC's 2016 Masquerade
Saturday 07:30 PMCon-Photography 201 Saturday Night Karaoke Team Four Star's Dragonball Z Abridged
Saturday 08:00 PM
Saturday 08:30 PM
Saturday 09:00 PM Ice Breaker meet and greet
Saturday 09:30 PM Nerdfit Game Theater 3000 Badge Check
Saturday 10:00 PM AAC American Ninja Warrior Nations at Night Wicked Anime Presents: Hardcore Anime Educating Sherlock: A Victorian Bordello Hentai Iron Editor
Saturday 10:30 PMHentai Dubbing Redpool Hypnosis:Do you even want to know?(Naughty edition) Dragons, Shadowrunners, and Supernaturals……oh my!
Saturday 11:00 PMCrack and Slash UNRATED! The Crazy Fanfiction Game The Horrors of Fanfiction: When a Man Meets a McChicken
Saturday 11:30 PM Cosplay Unmentionables: 3 is company
Sunday 12:00 AM
Sunday 12:30 AM


Scheduled TimeMain StageSalon ASalon BSalon CSalon DHawthorneDartmouthFrostCurriersWebsterExpo RearExpo FrontHale
Sunday 08:00 AM
Sunday 08:30 AM AMV Contest Overflow (Part 2)
Sunday 09:00 AM
Sunday 09:30 AM Swap Meet / Yard Sale The Nostromo AMV Files Sunday Vendor Room Hours
Sunday 10:00 AM Disney Through AMVs
Sunday 10:30 AM So You Think You Can Voice Act
Sunday 11:00 AMCosplay Chess Chibi Cookies Anime According to AMVs
Sunday 11:30 AM Corsetry 101 So You Have Something to Say? Webcomics 101: A crash course in Web Comics
Sunday 12:00 PMCritical Role, RPGs and the Tabletop Renaissance! Cardsharks: AAC Edition LARP 101 Video Game Music Videos Autographs 7
Sunday 12:30 PM Tales From the Table Creating Music for Media
Sunday 01:00 PM Video game Voice over Another Anime Con Jeopardy 2016 Cosplay is Acting: Character Interviews! AMVs That Sell the Anime (or Music)
Sunday 01:30 PM Put Some Kick Into Your Flick: Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Video Productions Better Make It So: The Science of Star Trek
Sunday 02:00 PM Cosplay 101 Escape the Panel Pokemon Tea Comedy Gold Autographs 8
Sunday 02:30 PM Hayao Miyazaki: A Storyteller's Journey
Sunday 03:00 PMSuper Millionaire Cosplay Rumble at the Con (Round 2!) Nobody is Evil: Designing Sympathetic Villains Anime you May have missed Snack Tasting My Little Ponyvids
Sunday 03:30 PM
Sunday 04:00 PMClosing Ceremonies AMV Sing-A-Long
Sunday 04:30 PM