Welcome to our Vendor Room and Artist Alley. 


The Artists & Vendors of Artist Alley

Camp Anime
Anime Palace
ITC Cosplay
Tawny Bow
HTK Imports
Quigley's Cakes
Gartisan Works (Cosplay Repair)
Lyri's Art Closet
Black Rose Mikage/ C'lay La Vie
Alyssia Tye
Trezilla Art
Vicki Vega
Brit Caley
Quantum Seahorse
Sew Cute Workshop
Aspen Fisher
AAC 2021 Merchandise & Raffles

The Artists of the Artist Alley Annex

MKT Comics & Art
Crys Reynolds
Shawn Handyside 

 Westford Regencly Floor Map 2021 Vendors social updated


Vendor & Artist Hours
Friday:  2pm- 8 pm
Saturday:  9am- 8 pm
Sunday:  9:30 am- 3 pm

For safety please use only the marked Entrance and Exit to come and go from the room and please follow the arrows as marked on the map. 

There will be a limit of 50 attendees allowed in the vendor room at all times.

Masks must be worn at all times. Please refrain from eating and drinking while in the vendor room.

How do I become a vendor/artist at AAC 2021?

Applications for Artist Alley have already been accepted for this year.


If you have additional questions, please reach out - 

Carol - artists [AT] anotheranimecon [DOT] com