Another Anime Con is very pleased to welcome the return of a number of veteran AAC guests for 2015, including J. Michael Tatum, Chris Cason, and Christopher Smith.

In addition, we would like to welcome Josh Grelle to his first-ever AAC appearance. We are also glad to see the return of Martin “LittleKutiboh” Billany, who last appeared during our 2013 convention.

Want to know about our guests? Who they are? What they’ve done? Why they’re awesome? Okay…you’ll have to attend AAC 2015 to find out the answer to the last question, but everything else can be found on our Guest Page!

Myths & Legents

This is our 10th year and for such an epic occasion it required an impressive theme., so welcome to the year of Myths and Legends! We hope you come and enjoy the weekend with us and share some of your favorite tales and heroes with us. See you in October!

L33tStr33t Boys

LeetStreet Boys will be performing their first live show in almost 3 years at Another Anime Con 2015. The group is most well-known for their 2008 hit single and music video “Yuri The Only One,” went on to record 3 albums, LeetStreet Boy, Otaku Hearts and L3g3nds, and perform the OP for the dating sim Roommates. LeetStreet Boys announced an official hiatus in 2014, and this will be their first live show since the hiatus, as well as their currently only confirmed performance anywhere in 2015.


Pre-registration for Another Anime Convention 2015 is now open. Please check out the registration page for more information.

It is with deep regret that today we mourn the passing of Taga Pixie/Aimee Brocato, one of our AAC family. We were blessed to have Taga not only in our Artist Alley, but also in our Masquerade as the winner of our Mixed Media Craftsmanship category in the Advanced Division. All of us on Another Anime Convention staff send their thoughts and prayers to family, friends and loved ones of Taga.

Taga Pixie

This years charity has gone to the dogs… and cats, and hamsters, and birds. Have you guessed who it is yet?

Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter is a non-profit, NO KILL, animal shelter that offers medical care, fostering, and adoption. The shelter takes in homeless, abused, and abandoned animals in the city of Manchester. They have cared for and found loving homes for over 20,000 animals and we’re happy to make them our 2014 charity!

How can you help? At the convention stop by the AAC vendor table located inside the vendor room and check out our amazing themed raffle baskets. Themes range from anime, to pop culture, to 18+. A portion of the proceeds raised will go to help the Manchester Animal Shelter.

Besides purchasing a raffle ticket (Or 10) there’s plenty of ways to contribute! AAC will take in donations of the following items.

Wet or dry dog and cat food
Non-Clumping Cat Litter
Kitten Milk Formula (KMR) & Feeding Bottles
Baby Food (Poultry Varieties)
Cat Brushes and Combs

Large & Small Biscuits
Leather Leashes

Laundry Detergent (High Efficiency Only)
Paper Towels (tri-fold)
Disposable Gloves
Handwash Liquid Soap
Dish Soap
Brooms & Dustpans
Plastic Spray Bottles
Animals Toys
Beds for Small Animals
Copy Paper (8.5″ x 11″ and 11″ x 17″)
Reflective Vests for Dog Walkers

Strut your stuff and show us what you’ve got at the premier of AAC’s Got Talent!

Interested in performing in AAC’s all new talent event? Submissions are now open! Simply read through the rules below, and fill out the form to sign-up!

Applications close on Monday, October 13, 2014.

Pre-registration is now closed for Another Anime Convention 2014.

You will still be able to purchase a badge at-con at the normal rate. Registration will be opening at 10 AM each day of the convention.

A preliminary version of the schedule is now online. It is missing quite a few major staff events, and is primarily intended to provide a preview of fan-panels and workshops that will be at the convention this year. The link below is to a working draft, which means it will be updated as we change the schedule.

AAC 2014 Schedule (Working Draft) Click Here

At the request of many college groups who use our online pre-registration, we have added one and two day badges to our online pre-registration system.

If you have not yet pre-registered for AAC 2014, still have time! Please visit our registration page for more information!

A lot of submissions are open, such as Death MatchAnime Dating GameMasqWild Card, and Hall Cosplay. Sign up now! Most of them close this month so sign up now! We’re happy to announce fantasy/paranormal author AJ Kane! Head over to our guest page to learn more! AAC also announces that the 21+ lounge will return! This years theme is Heat Wave! 

Hey everyone, just a quick update on a few things.

Panels- The Panel Submission Form is now closed! Thank you for all your submissions!

Hotels- We have updated the overflow hotels, we have two hotels as official overflow hotels. The Hilton has call booking only while La Quinta has online booking and call booking.

Event sign-ups- A lot of submissions are open, such as Death Match, Anime Dating Game, Masq, Wild Card, and Hall Cosplay. Sign up now!

We would also like to thank everyone for joining us at the Summer Matsuri this year! We hope you all had a good time and we can’t wait to see everyone at AAC!