Sephiroth, against his will, sits opposite a screen where Aeris, Haruhi Suzumiya, and Chii wait expectantly for the next question. Their answers will determine if they’re going home alone or if they get a shot with the silver haired stud for a night on the town. The Anime Dating Game incorporates the old cheesiness of everyone’s favorite game show with the flair of cosplay, giving everyone a chance to get a date with their favorite character.

There are two versions of the Anime Dating Game at AAC:

The main session is three rounds of bachelors competing to date bachelorettes and vice versa, held Saturday morning or early afternoon. Open to all audiences and all participants.

When the sun goes down on Friday night, the 18+ match opens its doors to our adult attendees. There, they can see their favorite guys hitting on guys and their favorite girls hitting on girls. If the attendees have to be 18, sure enough the participants do as well. This year, the 18+ hetero (guy/girl) round in the 18+ game returns.

You are free to sign up for either or both of the dating games, however it will be known that the 18+ gets quite a bit more risque and the language a bit more coarse, so please keep that in mind when you sign up.

How to Participate:

The participants for the Anime Dating Games are chosen from attendees who sign up in advance. They will be chosen on the basis of the characters and quality of the costumes, so it is required that all participants include a FULL FRONT COLOR PHOTOGRAPH of them in their costume along with a REFERENCE PICTURE for comparison. Any applications that do not include a picture will not be considered. The photos must include any and all props you will have with you during the match as well.

Depending on the schedule, we will have between eight and twelve participants for each session, that means between sixteen or twenty-four in total. It is likely that you will NOT be chosen for both matches.

We will also be considering “Extras” for our sessions. Many characters chosen have loved ones in the series they are from who are heart broken to see their love seeking out another and feel the urge to express this when they are chosen on the date. If a character signs up fitting the bill for this, we will certainly consider using them as a special interruption.

All participants will recieve a prize for being in the matches, but the two special someones from each round also get a voucher for preferred seating at the Masquerade Saturday night for their “date”.


  1. You will be in the spotlight. If you are shy or do not know your character very well, please do not sign up as you will need to be heard, be in character, and be entertaining.
  2. While many attendees love to see characters from their favorite old shows, not a lot of the newer crowd recognize them so, despite how awesome your costume may be, and older show may be overlooked in light of a more recognizable one.
  3. You can specify which match you want to be in, though the 18+ game is 18+ for a reason
  4. Participants MUST be 18 or older if they are participating in the 18+ game.
  5. As this is the anime dating game, cosplays from webcomics will not be allowed
  6. You may submit several costumes for consideration, though all must follow the guidelines for photos
  7. Commissioned costumes are allowed

If you are accepted, you will recieve a confirmation email by September 30th, 2016 along with the session you will be participating in.

All participants are required to sign in at least two hours before their scheduled match at Masquerade HQ, or else they will be replaced.

If you have further questions, please contact dating game coordinator, at