Hall Cosplay Contest Entry Form (Click Here)

Hall Cosplay Contest!

Interested in showcasing your skills in craftsmanship, but don’t want to do a walk-on or a skit for the Masquerade? Here’s your chance to shine and show off without having to perform! Hall Cosplay will be judged strictly on craftsmanship and is open to all ages, with 4 divisions.

Youth – Entrants under 13 (sign ups will be held in person at AAC for those qualifying for this category) Novice – 0-3 Major Awards from previous conventions
Journeyman – 3-5 Major Awards, or a previous award at Journeyman level
Masters – 5 or more Major Awards, or a previous award at Masters level


1 – You cannot enter a costume that has won a major award at a previous convention.
2 – Judges awards do not count as major awards.
3 – If you enter as a group, and someone in your group has won an award at a higher level than you (i.e. if someone has an award for Journeyman, while you are still a novice) then you are required to enter at their level regardless.
4 – Entries are open for Japanese based series (manga, anime, visual novels, etc) and western (comics, video games, etc).
5 – You must provide reference images for the judges! We know a lot of series, but cannot be expected to know everything. You are also responsible for bringing your own reference images to judging, either printed or available on a digital device (such as a phone or tablet).
6 – Fan art, original designs, generic outfits and gijinka designs will not be accepted. Costumes based on official art only, please (concept artwork does count as official artwork).
7 – Entries will be on a first come, first serve basis until slots are filled for each division.
8 – Costumes being used for Masquerade entries are not eligible to compete in Hall Cosplay.
9 – By entering craftsmanship, you acknowledge that you have made at least 90% of your costume (this does not include altering premade garments, and does not include wigs or shoes).

Hall Cosplay Awards: 1st and 2nd Place Youth, Novice, Journeyman and Masters categories Best Overall for the weekend Judges awards Hall cosplay entries will be open August 1st, and will close when all slots and waiting list entries are filled. Entries will be accepted at the convention if there are still open slots. Entrants will receive a confirmation of the receipt of their entry within 24 hours, and all accepted entries will be sent a second email with their time and entry number for their division no later than September 23, 2016. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact aac.hallcosplay@gmail.com