Sugar & Snowflakes

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

AACs annual tea party. To go along with our normal tea, and goodies. We will have a special treat to fit the Winter Wonderland theme. Our very own, hot chocolate bar!! This will be a one time thing, so if you love hot coco, you wont want to miss this. There will also be games and prizes. As this event is catered there is a $5 charge, which will be due at the event door. For any one who has an AAC 2014 VIP badge, this event is free! Just show your badge at the door.

Invitations will be made available when we give out formal tickets on Friday, and possibly Saturday (location to be determined) As well as the event itself on Sunday. There is a $5 charge which you don’t have to pay till the event itself (till then don’t give anyone money for it). As always we have a dressy casual dress code which you can see below.

Dress Code

  • For Women: Skirt or dress no shorter then mid thigh, Dress pants, Dress shirt (Blouse, sweater, polo,) Dress shoes (dressy sandal, heel, boot, or flat), Also any cultural wear, that fits in with dressy causal (Ex: Kimonos, Yukata).
  • For Men: Dress shirt (Collared, polo, sweater), Dress pants (Dress, khaki or other), Dress shoes (dressy, loafers or a nice type of boot), Tie (optional), Also any cultural wear, that fits in with dressy causal (Ex: Kimonos, Yukata).
  • Costumes: Any costumes at fall under the above. School uniforms are also acceptable so long as they meet the above requirements. More formal is welcome but not required.
  • Unacceptable: Wrinkled or ripped clothing, miniskirts, sneakers, boots in old condition, flip flops, armor, or any thing you’d not wear to a nice occasion.

Any attendees with inappropriate attire, will have the option of changing there outfit or can get a refund.

If your not sure about an outfit please send me a pm or e-mail me at with an image of your costume and I’ll replay asap. Any attendees with inappropriate attire, will be given a refund and not be let into the event.