Convention The Gathering

What is Convention The Gathering?

This is the In Character Cosplay Contest! A group of participants will compete to prove who is the most in character cosplayer through a series of rounds. This is a game which takes the concepts of the card game Magic and re-invents it into a card game that utilizes volunteers while two players duel with their decks. Cards can be used in varying ways. For example, King from Seven Deadly Sins could fight but he would be much stronger once equipped with his artifact weapon Chastiefol. It all depends on the participants so please sign up prior! This year”s match will be food based! The teams will be split based on your characters cooking ability…. it is the Best vs Worst cooks! Sticking with Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas & Elizabeth are horrible cooks while Ban is amazing! So in this game, they would be opponents. Don’t know how well your character cooks? No Problem! Just describe in your application which side you feel your character should be on and why. We’ll take it from there, or until only the top 3 are crowned! All contestants must have a badge. No Exceptions!


Send and email to with the following information:

  • Your Name

  • Age

  • E-Mail

  • Character you are cosplay

  • Series you are cosplaying from

  • A picture of you in cosplay

  • Sentence stating that you have read and understand the rules

Remember, Signups end October 1st