Below is just a sampling of the many types of events that you will see at AAC:

  • Anime Music Videos Contest
    Oh I know a song that gets on- wrong con. When anime and music collide, sometimes you get epic, sometimes you get downright annoying, but no matter what, it’s entertaining. Use your democratic right as an anime fan to choose whose AMV reigns supreme and stop on by to see the AMV contest. Drop your ballot off and come back at the end of the Masquerade to see if your favorites came out on top and what everyone else seemed to like!
  • AAC’s Extreme Scavenger Hunt
    The scavenge hunt is now a two day event. All the fun of the original event, now more EXTREME. Search, take pictures, and video your way to victory!
  • Hall Cosplay Contest
    Interested in showcasing your skills in craftsmanship, but don’t want to do a walk-on or a skit for the Masquerade? Here’s your chance to shine and show off without having to perform! Hall Cosplay will be judged strictly on craftsmanship and is open to all ages.
  • Formal Ball
    Mystery and excitement wait you at Casino Royale Masquerade Ball, AAC’s annual formal dance. Enjoy a evening of music, and dancing set to our James Bond/spy themed dance.
  • Masquerade
    Painted faces on parade… oh wait, wrong one. Come and and watch your fellow fans perform amazing acts and show off even more amazing costumes in their desire to divert you. We welcome all costumes pertaining to Anime, Manga, and Japanese video games, but please read the rules prior to entering.
  • Cosplay Newlyweds
    Does Cloud know that much about Aerith? Does Vegeta actually pay attention to Bulma? Fandoms favorite couples come together to test their knowledge of each in other in AAC’s own version of the popular Newlyweds Game!
  • In-Character Competition
    A group of participants who have signed up will compete to prove who is the most in character cosplayer. Through a series of rounds we will eliminate competitors until only the top 3 are crowned!
  • Cosplay the Gathering: A Live Cosplayer Card Game!
    A convention based Magic the Gathering game! Calling all cosplayers to participate in a duel of the planes walkers (aka two con-goers) to settle there difference yugioh duel style. Get ready for the fun and excitement!
  • Cosplay
    Who says playing dress up is just for the youngin’s? You’ve worked hard and what better place to show that off than a convention? Perform in the masquerade, partake in a game show, meet new people, but always keep in mind that this is a family con and all costumes must abide by convention and state decency laws. And remember, a towel is not a costume.
  • Cosplay Chess
    Chess is back for another year! Come by and see your favorite characters take to the board to decide just who’s better, the theme will be decided soon.
  • Anime Dating Game
    Time to help someone find their one true love, or at least a date for the rest of the con. Come watch your favorite anime characters fumble through questions and put their love-life in your hands.
  • Cosplay Death Match
    The Cosplay Death Match is simple, two enter and only one leaves, killing each other off until only one is left as the champion. The best part? The audience decides the winners each round.
    No theme, no politics, just bloodshed!
  • Project Cosplay
    Think you have what it takes to make a runway costume for a model in 2 hours? Come down to Project Cosplay, where you can join a team and try your hand at creating a costume not just on a budget, but a short time limit as well! Hosted by Serephita and Siariel as they take on the roles of Heidi and Tim, dress up your model and prepare him or her to walk the runway during the Masquerade. Each team will have access to the same materials, and the same amount of time so get ready and have some fun!
  • Sunday Tea Party
  • Do you like tea and crumpets? How about just tea? Come join us for a tranquil afternoon of tea, goodies, and games. This tea party requires dress up, and a $5 entry fee.
  • Panels & Workshops
    Everyone has a story to tell, but while many of us don’t possess the grammatical capacity to write a best selling book, we do have the ability to stand in front of a crowd and talk! Want to learn how to cosplay? How to make a great AMV? The best way to plan for a con? Look no further than the panel rooms at AAC, where education and entertainment are our top priorities. If you have a panel idea, sign up for a chance to entertain the masses, and, remember, you learn something new every day and you can have your choice of what you learn.
  • AAC Fan-works Theater
    A new programming track at Another Anime Convention dedicated to Anime Music Videos, Fan-Dub Parodies, and other fan created video content.
  • Video & Tabletop Gaming
    Tired of sitting at home and training your pokemon by yourself? Online newbies making your gaming a chore instead of fun? Join us in our game room for tournaments, Rock Band, an a plethora of other vidya-related entertainment! Take a walk on the wild side and see if you match up to your fellow attendees in Brawl or the most recent fighting game, you’ve got nothing to lose except a few hours and your pride as a Dedede master.
  • Anime Screenings
    You love anime! If you don’t, why are you at an anime convention? Got some down time, sick of walking the halls and the dealer’s room is closed? Stop by our video room and see what’s playing on the big screen! While we love to entertain you, our staff needs a break from being amusing, so we leave you to the care your parents gave you, the television screen. Hey, if it’s good enough to raise the youth of america, it’s good enough to entertain you for a while.
  • Other Events
    You know that feeling you get when you’re looking for a word but can’t find it? Now imagine that you’re a webmaster looking for a category for an event. That’s right, this is the place for events that don’t fit into any of the above areas. Sound interesting? Click to find out what these are!