AAC welcomes authors Barry Lyga and Matthew Phillion to our 2016 guest line-up. Head on over to our guests page to find out who they are and what they’ve done!

Additionally, the torrent of cosplay event sign-ups have begun, with the following sign-ups now live:

To all attendees, staff, guests, and anyone else AAC related, For the past six months ongoing conversations with the hotel happened, and we need to announce a few changes. These were not our decisions, or the hotel’s, but that of the hotel’s new management company. The reason this is so late in coming is that we negotiated a few compromises through many hours of deliberation.

First change is that nobody will be allowed up the elevators past the mezzanine without an elevator key. Only registered guests will be granted access. The hotel will be setting up their own system of checking. A police officer will be patrolling the hotel at night to enforce this policy.

You must have a badge to use the lobby, or any space involving the convention. This includes the vendor space. We are sorry to announce it is no longer open to the public. We will sell vendor room only badges at a lesser price that will be available for those only interested in shopping. Details are still in the decision stage.

There is no dance on Saturday night. This was a major point for the management company, so we will offer more programming for attendees.

Programming will end around midnight Check out our schedule when it comes out for final details.

We understand these are major changes – for you and for us. We will continue to work with the hotel. This is a culmination of issues seen by the management company, by our convention, and others around the country. Many of you have heard the problems that other conventions dealt with, and now we are burdened by those bad decisions. The hotel is as constrained as we are, so please do not dispute it with their staff. They were not involved in the decisions, and can’t offer any explanations or change any of the policies.

Information is now available for AAC 2016’s Anime Music Video Contest and Masquerade. Masquerade sign-ups are opening during the afternoon of  Friday, July 29th. More sign-ups, such as those for Deathmatch, the Cosplay Dating Games, Wildcard, and Cosplay Chess are coming soon.

The Another Anime Con 2016 Panel and Workshop submission form is now live. Interested in running a panel or other event at AAC 2016? Head on over to the panel form.

Welcome to the guest line up of 2016! We have some exciting news regarding our wonderful Guests this year. In addition to the return of Chris Smith, and J Michael Tatum, we are pleased to announce the appearances of Matt Mercer, Taliesin Jaffe, and Leah Clark. Rounding out the list of voice actors brings us returning guests Cindy Robinson and Greg Finley. Cindy was with us a few years ago, and Greg is a return guest from our very first year! We can’t wait to show him how much we’ve grown.
Other guests include the return of Matt Myers (who plays piano at the formal dance), as well as panelists Sarah Hodge-Weatherbe, Charles Dunbar, and the always awesome Comiku Girls.

Artist Alley applications for AAC’s 2016 Artist Alley are now open. They will remain open until Thursday, May 12th 6pm EDT. Head over to the Artist Alley Information page to apply!

Pre-registration for Another Anime Convention 2016 is now open. Make sure to head over to our registration page for more information.

Another Anime Convention 2016, October 14-16. Manchester, NH. Radisson Hotel and Expo Center.

Danger Zone

How It Works:
1) Start a group (no more than 4 people per registered group! Friends helping is actively encouraged, but there will only be four winners for a team) or fly solo and create a team name. Keep in mind your team name will need to be a hashtag on Twitter, so short and sweet or abbreviations are good!

2) Show up on Thursday October 15th at the Radisson Hotel at 6pm to receive your list and register your team! List will also be posted on the Facebook page! If you don’t register at the hotel, you won’t be included in the official participation list.

3) Start Your Hunt!

4) Use twitter or facebook to show your proof. Don’t forget to use your teamname hashtag, item # hashtag along with the official scavenger hunt hashtag. This is how we will be tracking and tallying your points!
#AACTheHuntIsOn #[insertteamname] #Item1001 (as an example)


Want to know more? Check out the event’s page!

Our Live-Schedule for 2015 is now-online. Not everything is in yet, but this page will update as the final pieces of the puzzle are placed:

Live Schedule (Click Here)