Participating in events at AAC is a way to enjoy the convention even more! Cosplay Events are game shows you can enter while in cosplay and some events while in character. Check out our list of events and how to sign up.


Death Match

Dating Game


Death Match

This tournament style event has two opposing characters brought on stage so the audience can decide who lives to fight another day, and who dies a terrible, terrible death. No theme, no politics, just good old fashioned bloodshed!

Applications will open soon!

Participants for the Cosplay Death Match are chosen from attendees who sign up in advance. All entrants must have their costumes 100% finished when entering and must provide: 1. A reference photo of their character 2. A photo of the contestant wearing the finished costume - Please submit photos linked to a third party image host such as photobucket or imgur and NOT a social media platform. If we are unable to see your pictures or you do not submit pictures, you will be disqualified from consideration - Groups are more than welcome, and you can submit more than once character for consideration.


Cosplay Dating Game 

Ever wanted to know who Sailor Moon would pick if she had to choose between Goku, Luffy, or Solid Snake? You've read the fanfic, now come and see which lucky bachelors and bachelorettes will be chosen at this year's Cosplay Dating Game!

One bachelorette/bachelor asks 3 prospective candidates a series of questions to help them narrow it down until they choose that one special person. 

Want to join the Dating Game? Applications will open soon!